Grazie al Cielo was born from the desire of our community Famiglia della Riconciliazione (Reconciliation Family) to give space and visibility to products that were the result of manual labor combined with prayer, to express the continuation of God’s creative work and to be in continuity with the most ancient Apostolic and Monastic Tradition.
Over the years it has become a reference point for a large network of monasteries, convents, missions and social cooperatives.

It is a search for sharing talents through work, where the originality of each reality emerges and at the same time the beauty of communion is witnessed.

The artisan product restores consistency and preciousness to the work of man and, in addition to being a source of consolation for those who make it and those who receive it, opens the way to better understand the sense of the Incarnation. [continue…]

The Conversion Of Work

The artisan creation always contains an element of gratuity and requires a processing time that respects the identity of each individual person engaged in it.

It is a language that speaks to men’s hearts and is made for relationships; we must learn to listen to it.

Such an activity allows to develop greater responsibility towards others and leaves room for hospitality and collaboration with small realities, but still being attentive to social justice.

It is a seed of hope, because it offers a testimony of respect for the stories of others and of constructive collaboration with them to make visible the embrace of God, like the colonnade of San Pietro.

Our Goal

Grazie al Cielo – is an online store where you can buy to do good !

Grazie al Cielo – every purchase helps the life and works of communities, monasteries, convents, social cooperatives and craftsmen.

Grazie al Cielo – is an opportunity to participate in hospitality and work projects for the weakest. [continue…]

Some of our products for sale

Our artisan products are born within monasteries, religious communities, social cooperatives, small family businesses, mission projects in various parts of the world and what characterizes them is the charge of spiritual and human commitment spent on their realization.
The beauty they radiate is the result of a testimony of a simple and authentic life.
Attention to the use of natural materials gives them a preciousness that comes from the search for harmony with creation.
They are a message of joy and encouragement in faith for the city of Rome and for the people who come to visit us from all over the world.

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