Our Goal

With particular attention to the teachings of the Social Doctrine of the Church, our community Famiglia della Riconciliazione has conceived, created and managed for ten years an art and craft workshop, called L.a.B. Labor ad Bonum- (etching and painting works on copper, stoneware and porcelain), behind which there is great study and research, especially by the consecrated sisters.

From the Laboratory was born “Grazie al Cielo”, a “network” project between Monasteries, Convents, Missions, Social Cooperatives and craftsmen, which we also coordinate through a store in Rome, Borgo Pio 184.

We pay particular attention, so that the products that we produce ourselves and also those that we sell, made by other subjects, are manufactured without the exploitation of workers and in respect of environmental resources (pollution, origin, etc.), for the safekeeping and development of the dignity of people and for the care of the “common home”, which is our planet.

Referring to the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church means engaging in the realization of work projects built on a solidarity, communal and subsidiary economy. [1]

With the work activities carried out and with the sales made through Grazie al Cielo, we provide for the sustenance of our lives and that of all communities, missions, monasteries, social projects (realities born from the fight against the mafias or in contexts of environmental hardship or of various poverty or even in prison structures) and of the individual craftsmen who adhere to our dream.

We also intend to be an active part in a process of change of mentalities and structures in favor of the dignity of life; a process in which small and large actions converge in a creative way, like in a poem: being among those whom Pope Francis has called social poets.

We have chosen to participate through Grazie al Cielo in some essential tasks, to walk towards a human alternative in the face of the globalization of indifference: 1) putting the economy at the service of people; 2) building peace and justice; 3) defending Mother Earth. [2]

A truly communal and Christian-inspired economy must guarantee people’s dignity, “prosperity without excluding any good” [3] , that is, guarantee access to education, health, art, communication, sport and recreation; a just economy for a childhood without deprivation, a working life with full rights and access to a decent retirement pension. “This economy is not only desirable and necessary, but also possible. It is not an utopia or a fantasy. It’s an extremely realistic perspective”.

With the initiatives of Grazie al Cielo, with effort and patience, we intend to make an effective contribution to the creation of decent, free, creative, participatory, supportive and, above all, spiritual work. Spiritual work: moved by the Spirit of God for the spiritual progress of His children and for him to help contemplate the Lord Creator and Provident, Redeemer of man and of all creation.

With the testimony of our work, we also intend to be a spur for governments to commit themselves to taking on the task of promoting, strengthening, improving and coordinating the expansion of forms of community production and solidarity economy.

The artisan products and, in particular those of the liturgical art, expertly convey the commitment to embrace a life project that recovers solidarity, love between us and respect for the goods created. We try to build a system that does not pay attention to the Good News of the Gospel, but instead helps to seek the joy of “living well”, the “good life” and not that selfish ideal that deceptively reverses words and proposes the “nice life”. [4]

Thanks to the skills of the Association’s members of the Famiglia della Riconciliazione, in the context of the activities promoted by Grazie al Cielo, we provide theological, counseling, job orientation, entrepreneurship and design training courses:

  • a “work desk” is active, which, through one of our sisters, an expert in professional orientation, has the objective of supporting people who are unemployed or who are experiencing job difficulties, in the search for a new or better job;
  • we created and led groups in various “Paths of Art and Faith”;
  • we carry out the service of accompanying and guiding pilgrimages to the Holy Land;
  • a small home catering service is active.

[1] “There is no worse material poverty – I would like to emphasize it – than that which does not allow you to earn bread and deprives you of the dignity of work.
Youth unemployment, informality and lack of labor rights are not inevitable, they are the result of a prior social option, of an economic system that puts benefits above man, if the benefit is economic, above of humanity or above man, are the effects of a culture of waste that considers the human being in itself as a consumer good, which can be used and then thrown away “. (Pope Francis, Speech of 28 October 2014 at the world meeting of popular movements).

[2] See Pope Francis at the meeting of popular movements on November 5, 2016.

[3] Pope John XXIII, Mater et Magistra, 3.

[4] See Ibid.