Our Store – Grazie Al Cielo L.a.B.

Our goal

Grazie al Cielo – is a shop where you can buy to do good !

Grazie al Cielo – every purchase helps the life and works of communities, monasteries, convents, social cooperatives and craftsmen.

Grazie al Cielo – is an opportunity to participate in hospitality and work projects for the weakest.

Our spirit

The desire to live and preserve the primacy of inner life and prayer with the Word led us to rediscover manual work and to think of putting it into practice through a craft workshop.

The term ‘work’ (cultus) has a double meaning: cultivation and liturgical worship (Gen 2: custody of the garden and celebration of the Sabbath), so we have always tried to keep the two dimensions united.

The materials used to make the products: wood, ceramic, copper, fabrics, wax … are in harmony with some passages from Genesis and Exodus which describe the origin of human activities on earth and the construction of the first “Conference Tent”, while the people of Israel were in the desert under the guidance of Moses.

The Family of Reconciliation lives on its work and through the laboratory of art craftsmanship “Labor ad Bonum” which expresses the need to harmonize prayer, fraternal life, hospitality and help to the poor.

Copper works

The copper engravings painted with water-based enamels and framed by Murano glass represent narrative episodes from the Old and New Testaments.

Grés works

The small size stoneware works are the result of research on paleochristian symbols taken from mosaics present throughout the Mediterranean area in a period between the 3rd and 6th century A.D.

Works in porcelain stoneware

Large porcelain tiles painted with bright acrylic colors present a variety of symbolic (e.g. tree of life) and figurative (Madonna with Child and angels) themes, drawn from universal popular religious art with a preference for style.

Our artists

Two sisters from the community, graduated in art history, engage in iconographic research and in the realization of the works.


The glazed ceramic chalices are inspired by early Christian and Byzantine models and the choice of blue and red, and red and green colors is taken from the frescoes of the catacombs.

Our works are a form of announcement of the Kingdom of Heaven which is transmitted by radiating the spiritual beauty and the message of communion of the early Church.

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